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Colourlab Studio

Ai Powered Color Assist Technology - Quick Overview

Colourlab Studio can perform perceptual color matching using standard colorist tools – Primary Color Correction and export the results as ASC CDL.

We are going to cut down time necessary for the color matching of a single Netflix, HBO or Amazon episode from 2 days to 100 minutes.

Colourlab Studio

Colourlab Studio Overview

In this video we go into more details explaining the workflow with Colourlab Studio and Davinci Resolve for color matching of sequence and color metadata creation

Video is 4min long

Picture Post-Production

What is Color Grading? - An introduction

In case you are new to Post-Production and Color Grading, here is a short intro of how color grading is done today.

Dailies Automated

Build in partnership with WB Studio, Postcloud completely automates the process of Dailies Creation.

Colourlab Look Designer

Look Designer

Set of plug-ins for Davinci Resolve that solve many workflow issues that professional productions face. A highly sophisticated color science has attracted many large post-production customers as clients